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By giving students a sense of space in their minds, time to reflect on what is going on in the present moment.


Helping to prevent injuries, aches and pains. Research has revealed that practicing yoga can lower high blood pressure, reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity, stroke, heart disease and many other debilitating diseases.


There is no such thing as good physical health without good mental and emotional health. Yoga connects everything together.

Yoga that's fit for your lifestyle. Take a class anywhere at anytime. Online or at our Sedgefield Studio.


Take a class in our Sedgefield studio.

We’re not just online. We have a studio in Sedgefield where you can join us for a physical class. You an book via the website or the app.

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Meet Your Teachers

Hi, my name is Cristina

People say that yoga comes to you when you need it and when you are ready to bring it in to your life.

I have suffered with severe Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Post-Natal Depression and Stress at different points throughout my life. Around 2015 I was diagnosed with a very debilitating illness called M.E or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, caused by years of stress and anxiety.

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Hi, my name is Hazel

I have been teaching Pilates for 15 years and I have worked in the exercise and fitness industry for over 20 years, having first studied Sport Science at University.

I’ve taught a variety of exercise classes over the years and my passion has become teaching Pilates and other movement practices. I believe that movement is medicine for the body and mind and it is my purpose in life to use movement to help people improve their health and wellbeing.

Pilates is a movement practice that is suitable for people of all levels of fitness and abilities from beginners to advanced. The class offers progressions and adaptations to enable development of your practice at your own pace.

Pilates is a form of exercise which focuses on core strength, stability, mobility, flexibility and posture. We are students of our own bodies and Pilates aims to develop bodily awareness through mindful movement. Therefore, it improves overall strength, fitness and wellbeing. Whatever your ‘purpose’, from improving health to sporting performance, Pilates is for everyone.

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We are delighted to announce that online classes are available.