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Reiki means “Universal Life Energy” and is made up of two Japanese words “Rei” and “ki”.

“Rei” means both universal, in the sense of everywhere, and also spiritual wisdom, and “ki” means the same as prana or chi, i.e. the vital life force within every living thing. It can be said to be “spiritually guided life force energy”.

It creates and sustains everything in existence and can be used to transform and re-create. All healers use chi or energy from the universal energy field, Reiki is but one way of accessing this energy directly. This way of accessing the energy requires a personal activation known as an attunement by a Reiki Master. Reiki cannot be accessed from reading a book or over the internet!

Why Reiki Is Special

Reiki does not have the monopoly on “universal life energy” in fact it has many aspects in common with other healing methods such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Shiatsu, Do-in, Kiatsu, Huna, Jin Shin Acupressure, Shen Do, Acupuncture etc.

All these methods involve manipulation of energy in energy centres and channels.

The difference with Reiki is that the person receiving the energy draws it from the universe via the Reiki practitioner or channel. It is not manipulated by the practitioner. In Reiki, the energy is drawn by the healer whenever ‘Reiki hands’ are placed on the body or in the energy field. Energy flows through the practitioner and is not of the practitioner.

The five Ideals of Reiki originating with the Meiji emperor have been interpreted a little differently in the various schools of Reiki.

Here we see how the spiritual vision of Usui continued in the minds of adherents and expressed the positive mind of meditation. As the Buddha pointed out; all life is Dukkha (Sanskrit: unsatisfactory/suffering).

It is enough to be aware of the existence of negative states of mind/emotions, not to deny them but to use them as compost in which to grow the positive or more skilful. Thus compassion is the antidote for anger.

By being aware and living fully in the moment we free ourselves of worry. Thus ultimately we release our anxieties, attachments and seeing clearly into the nature of existence we are set free of unnecessary suffering.

As we look moment-by-moment we see the conditioning of our body and mind, see the effects of unskilful action and how suffering is created. Thus, true wisdom (Kei – Pragna) is activated in our lives.

The Reiki Jin-Kei-Do Ideals:

  • Be mindful each moment of your day
  • Observe the arising of greed, anger and delusion and look deeper for the true causes.
  • Appreciate the gift of life and be compassionate to all beings.
  • Find the right livelihood and be honest in your work.
  • See within the ever changing nature of your mind and body.
  • Merge with the universal nature of the mind as Reiki flows within you.

By following these ideals daily, your mind and body will truly transform with the power of Reiki.

We are delighted to announce that both physical and online classes are available.