Casa Yoga for Everyone (60 minutes)

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Beginners classes are for those students who are new to yoga, those who haven’t got a regular practice or for those who want to go back to basics to make sure they are doing everything they can to care for their bodies during classes. It is recommended that you attend these classes if you have never done yoga before so you can get used to the different postures and techniques used. Postures will be broken down into sections because how you get into and out of postures is just as important as the postures themselves.

All other classes are for everyone as postures will be gradually built up and the student can pause at any point when they reach their personal edge.

All classes will be named to describe either the type of yoga e.g Casa Flow and Yin or describe the aim of the class e.g Core Strength and Flexibility these classes will be a mixture of different styles of yoga put together to achieve the aim of the class.

This is a combination of asanas (postures) designed to align and calm the body, mind and spirit. Traditionally used in preparation for meditation. 

At Casa Yoga we teach you to ‘fit the posture to your body’ not ‘your body to the posture’ this results in a greater mind/body connection and greatly reduced risk of injury.

We are delighted to announce that both physical and online classes are available.