O’nis: My Journey

After injury and various other challenges, I went on a journey of self-discovery, and practicing yoga helped me to reshape my mind and my life.
A gift of a 30-day unlimited pass to a yoga studio arrived right on time, and has been a gift that keeps on giving as this is where my journey began.
I experienced many different styles of yoga and loved them all, but particularly enjoyed the freedom and creativity of the (Ashtanga based) moving meditation-Vinyasa, hence choosing to teach this style of yoga.
On the mat was where I was able to exist, expand and grow, and practice the lessons I could then apply to my real-life and so can you.
My Vinyasa flow classes are relaxing, yet challenging and no two classes are ever the same.
During my class I invite you to mindfully: learn more about yourself and your body, reconnect with yourself to help you better connect with others, have a safe holding space in a fostering environment to be your authentic self, be present and aware to observe your mental and physical state and how you see and interact with the world.
My classes offer overall health benefits for the body too; as combining the breath while performing the asanas helps increase range of movement, and the repetitive movements improves heartrate, balance and functional strength, and performing these with correct alignment reduces injury. Thus my passion developed, and I went on to further studies and became a Personal Trainer and a Sports Massage Therapist. Then I studied a Yoga for Athletes, Yoga Philosophy and I am currently in teacher training to further develop my knowledge to better serve my students.
My yoga flow is more about a flexibility of the mind than the flexibility of the body, and it is for everyone. There is no right or wrong and there is certainly no finish line.
My training will be life-long as I will continue to learn: about self from my peers and teachers alike.
I see your infinite potential, without limitations… Now all that’s required is an open-mind, your presence and a mat- come and join me.

We are delighted to announce that physical studio and online classes are available. Studio space is currently limited due to Coronavirus precautions so please book early.